New display opportunities for Greek businesses on Cloud

By August 1, 2018News

From September 2018 Greek businesses will have the opportunity to be advertised for free in the international market; to promote their products on the cloud of GS1 standards, on the cloud of barcodes.

According to the Market Development Manager of GS1 Association Greece Dimitris Christou, the International Organisation for ISO supply chain management standards, of which Greece is one of 112 members, will very soon make available to companies a very important service for product recognition but indirectly for their promotion.

As yet, as Mr. Christou points out, the barcode on a product gives information only about the manufacturer, which is no longer enough for the major electronic commerce companies, such as eBay, Alibaba, Amazon, Google. Now the next step of GS1, which will be implemented with the use of cloud, will be the GS1 Cloud, which will provide information on the products as well – for instance labels and descriptions – as well as their images.

The GS1 Cloud comes out in September with three functions, starting with the first one, the ‘‘check’’, which will verify the product’s valid or non-valid barcode.

The second function is the ‘‘view’’, while the third function, the ‘‘explore’’, will be the most important since it will allow the search of a product on cloud.

The GS1 Cloud can be used as a very helpful tool by the customs and the financial control officers, but it is certainly a very powerful tool for promoting products.

In the first phase of the standard on cloud, seven fields per product will be included, while in the next phase which will have the characteristics of B2C, the fields will be able to reach the number of 30, depending on the information that companies will wish to provide about their products.