Two startups from Thessaloniki are about to corner the US market

By December 15, 2019News

Two startups from Thessaloniki, which have been distinguished at the MIT Enterprise Forum Greece competition, have expanded to the US. The two startups, Twiddle and AidPlex, are based in Thessaloniki, where their research activity will remain, even if their headquarters are moved to the US for business-related reasons. Each company’s course of action was presented at the ‘’MITEF Greece Startup Competition 2020’’ which was co-organized by the MIT Enterprise Forum Greece and the Alexander Innovation Zone.




Twiddle was founded in October and uses Artificial Intelligence to recommend and position the best matching sound effects and music in videos. Content creation, e.g. video, has gained tremendous momentum and is expected to grow even further, while the number of professional editors and amateur vloggers, youtubers, and influencers on social media is constantly increasing. Choosing the right sound requires time for research, expertise, knowledge and, of course, money. Twiddle responds to these needs by using Artificial Intelligence to read the video, recommend and position the best matching sound effects and music. A mobile application has already been created for the time being, while the studio version which will be able to run on a PC and target mainly professionals will be released in the near future.





AidPlex aims to provide the best therapy experience and make it accessible to everyone. The company first started dealing with fractures. Its founders set themselves a challenge: to reduce the time needed for a splint to be fully set from 30 minutes to 3 minutes. And they did it by creating their own thermoplastic splint that heats up and adapts to the musculoskeletal characteristics of the individual to be ready for use. Aid Plex delivers high quality treatment as the splint is waterproof and can be reused. The first splints were made with 3D printing to make the necessary changes, while the following ones with laser cutting. The next product the company is making is a scoliosis brace that helps children suffering from this problem fight it.