Global Entrepreneurs Project: How Can the Greek Startups Grow

By July 28, 2017News

AIESEC, is the largest student-run organization, with more than 70.000 active members aiming to have a positive impact on society.

Global Entrepreneur is a cross-cultural program where our young talents brings added value to your venture with their entrepreneurial spirit. It is a non-paid professional internship for 6-12 weeks for young people from around the world.

Most startups don’t have enough money to support their functions and not enough HR to handle their operations. Therefore, the program offers in an affordable way young talents to help startups boost their performance in fields such as International Sales, Social Media Management, Digital Marketing and Information Technology.


The total program fee is 150€ per student, if the accommodation is provided, which can be reduced respectively to the number of interns that every startup wants to collaborate with. If the accommodation of the student cannot be covered, there is an extra fee of 120€ per student.

For more information, you can contact with Antonis Papagelis through his personal mail: