Do you have a business idea on Circular Economy?

By September 13, 2018News

Bring your idea to the Competition organized by Alexander Innovation Zone, in the context of the ECOCITY FORUM 2018 International Conference, that takes place on October 3-5, at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.


Please, fill in the application form until September 28, 2018 and you can claim a place among the winners!

The top 5 ideas that will be evaluated by the Competition Evaluation Committee, will be presented at an open event on Friday, October 5, 2018 while winners’ awards will take place during the closing ceremony of the Conference on the afternoon of the same day.

Grand prize for the winner: Participation (incl. travel and accommodation expenses) in a Conference, depending on the subject of interest + free fast track acceleration 3month program offered byOK!Thess.

Prize for the second and third winner: Free fast track acceleration 3month program offered by OK!Thess.

Information to fill in the application:

  • Be brief and inclusive.
  • It’s not mandatory to answer all the fields. Though for the evaluation of your idea the committee needs to have enough info to form a clear picture of your idea.
  • Alexander Innovation Zone will use the application form and personal data exclusively for the evaluation of your idea.