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May 2017


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Υour partner in chemicals

  • Founded in Thessaloniki in 1978
  • Provides complete services for the supply and usage of chemicals products for the benefit of clients, business, partners, employees, stocks and social good
  • Provides chemists as advisor and sales people to help the customers to choose the proper chemical in the reasonable price
  • Complete logistics services for prompt deliveries. Possibility for 3PL
  • Exports to Balkans /Arab countries and reserves its own storage facility in Sofia, Skopje & Belgrade
  • Cooperation  with Aristotle University Thessaloniki, University Crete/ Greek research institutes & abroad

Location: Sindos, Thessaloniki @TIZ

Digital Innovation Hub – The AgroFood Case

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14 March 2017, Thessaloniki, Greece

The EUROPEAN COMMISSION recently published a communication promoting Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) as ecosystems that support bottom-up innovation in a specific industrial sector benefiting of the competitive advantage offered by digital technologies. Ideally such hubs consist of SMEs, large industries, startups, researchers, accelerators, and investors. They aim to create the best conditions for long-term business success for all involved. The EC plans to focus 500M€ investment from Horizon 2020 on digital innovation hubs and mobilize an estimated 5 B€ for regional investment.

Thessaloniki Innovation Zone (TIZ), is an innovation facilitator promoting the Thessaloniki region as an innovation friendly destination. It is a unique project in Greece, intending to the attraction and establishment of innovative enterprises and research bodies in Thessaloniki, thus contributing to the economic development of the region. Thessaloniki, the youngest city in Europe, enjoys a vibrant ecosystem of people and resources, highly receptive to international cooperation. In EC terminology TIZ is an innovation hub and it goes without saying that digital technologies, as KETs, are on top of our list.

The workshop will explain to the local innovation ecosystem the notion of DIHs presenting European best case examples and addressing a range of questions, indicatively: What are the main characteristics of the innovation hubs? How are they created? How the EC can help? What works well and what does not? How do the hubs achieve sustainability?

Stay tuned to Thessaloniki Innovation Friendly Destination website for more information.

DEVit Conference 2017

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Get ready to step out of your comfort zone! Learn about the latest trends and techniques for Frontend, Backend, DevOps and Mobile! Meet the experts, the evangelists, the masterminds!

Sat 20 – Sun 21 May 2017, Thessaloniki, Greece

DEVit is the 360° Web Development Conference, frontend, backend, DevOps, mobile. We want to get you out of your comfort zone and cross pollinate all arts and crafts that make today’s World Wide Web possible.

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